Get a Cash Loan
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Lowest Rates in Altamonte Springs, Florida

Join thousands of customers who have used their vehicle title to get money FAST.

We specialize in loans for auto titles, auto equity loans and auto refinancing , guaranteed to put money in your pocket TODAY. When you need cash – fast – let Embassy Loans of Altamonte Springs, Florida be your key to financial freedom. Refinance your car, truck or van with a short-term loan on the equity of your vehicle – regardless of credit.

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About Us

Embassy Loans is Altamonte Springs’s leader for loans on your auto title. If you have the title, we have the money to loan you – to get your life back on track.

Embassy Loans is a consumer finance company licensed under Statute 516 [Consumer Finance] in the State of Florida. Because we specialize in equity loans, loans are based on equity, not personal credit scores – and are made regardless of personal credit history.

With Embassy Loans of Altamonte Springs:

You keep the car and the cash

Same day cash

A-Rated with the Better Business Bureau

Offering some of the Lowest Rates in Florida as low as 1.5% monthly

Get cash for your car !

Embassy Loans of Altamonte Springs, Florida can help customers re-establish their credit scores by reporting to a national credit bureau.

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